Monday, August 11, 2008

Southwestern Eggrolls

Bre asked me to post this recipe, and I'm glad she did. I made them tonight and had forgotten how much I love them! When I was pregnant with Adyson I wanted to eat Chilli's version of these all the time, they were the only thing I really craved. These don't taste exactly the same, but they are totally delicious none the less.


Take one package of Boneless skinless chicken tenders and cut into bite sized pieces. Throw into a pan with some olive or canola oil. Add a package of Italian seasoning, some dried onion flakes, and a bit of pepper. Let the chicken cook through.

To the pan add 3/4 a can of rinsed black beans, 3/4 a can of drained corn, and a bit of spinach. I just thaw some frozen and add till it looks right.

Add about a tbs. of Soy sauce, and throw in some cumin and chili powder to taste. (I add quite a bit of chili powder.)

You need the small tortilla's for this. (I think they are enchilada sized). I've found that the ones that seem to work best are the low fat, thin style. Heat them up in the microwave for about 2 minutes, or till they are warm. Then fill them one by one with Mozzarella cheese, and a good spoon full of filling. Then you have to wrap them up tight, folding all edges in, and securing with tooth picks. I usually end up using 2, just to be safe. The recipe should fill exactly 10 tortillas.

You can fry these in the fryer, or bake them. I've done both. If you are baking them, make sure they get cooked long enough to get crunchy.

I've always served these with Chilli's avocado ranch dressing ( I just buy some from them), but tonight I served them with my Cilantro Lime dressing and it was perfect! Let me know if you try these!

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Kristin said...

So I made this tonight for dinner and it was so yummy . . . and my kids liked it too! (that is always a PLUS!!)