Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sweet Pork Salads


Sweet Pork

1 pork roast

1 can of coke

1 bottle red enchilada sauce

1 cup of brown sugar

Put roast in crock pot and fill 1/3 full of water. Cook all night long. In the morning the roast should be tender and able to shred with a fork. After shredding, mix the rest of the ingredients and let simmer all day.

Hints:leave the lid off to thicken. If you want it sweeter add more brown sugar to taste. The red enchilada sauce comes in mild and medium so you can pick how hot you want it.

Cilantro Lime Rice

This is sooo easy! Simply cook the rice in chicken broth and lime zest. (I use 1 bag of rice, 3 cans of broth, and the zest of 2 limes.) When it is all cooked add chopped cilantro to your liking.
Tomatillo Ranch Dressing. MMMM.
1 cup mayo
1 package of Buttermilk ranch dressing
2 tomatillos
1 jalapeno (the more seeds you add the hotter it gets)
1/2 bunch cilantro
1/2 lime juice
Blend in your mixer or food processor, and devour!
I served mine in these delicious tortilla bowls. Serve with beans (if you like them, we don't so I don't have a great recipe for you.) Lettuce, cheese, guacamole, tomatoes, and whatever else floats your boat. Enjoy!


Mother Goose said...

you left a comment on a friend of a friends blog that I left a comment on. I am definitey going to try this! If I like it I will put in on my recipe blog and leave a link to yours. Thanks!

Kristen said...

I made this for a family camping trip and it was a complete hit! Everyone wanted the recipe...Thanks for sharing.

Mitchell Family said...

I made these for dinner last night and they were awesome. I am a huge Cafe Rio fan and this is the closest recipe out there that match the flavor. Here is what I did different;
I could not find a bottle of enchilada sauce..only the cans. I added two cans of enchilada sauce instead of one (mild flavor). With the rice, i used instant white rice. Cooked 2 cups of rice in 2 cups of chicken broth and did everything else the same.
For the dressing, I couldnt find Tomatillos anywhere, so I just bought that green salsa that is made from tomatillos, jalapenos etc. I added about 1/4 cup milk or so to make it thinner and kept adding cilantro and green salsa until I got it just right.
For the tortilla bowl, i bought the burrito size white tortillas, brushed them with Olive Oil and put them in a glass round cassarole dish so they would form a shell. Put them in the microwave one at a time at 45 seconds each. Let them cool, and there you have it. A homemade tortilla bowl. The longer you keep them in the microwave, the harder they get. I like mine soft but formed.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe. I will make it over and over again when i get that Cafe Rio craving since I no longer live by one.